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     What does PM mean? if it means postal mail I would need a complete mailing address.  If it means an e-mail, I would need an e-mail address that works.  "zunibee" and just sends me to the zunibee website.

     I would very much like to contact him about hosting a website. ayyon2157

PM == private message. (personal message)
You can send members private messages.


I set up a page on with details of the account and an order link. This way people dont have to wait for me to respond. Some already have the account and seem happy with it.

Thanks for posting the specs.  Is there a way for me to install my UNIX apps and run them through the SSH client?  For instance, could I install pine to check my e-mail?

Oh, I use's windows business hosting (yes windows... sigh).  I created a photo program on it using ASP .NET and my family uses it to share pictures.  It also gives you plenty of space for your buck.

Has anyone heard of netfirms?  They offer both Windows and Linux in the same package.  Granted its $15 instead of $10, but the Windows / Linux on the same ser
ver looks inviting since I've written so much code in Windows, yet there's so much cool free stuff on Linux.

I would half way recommend 1and1, they have good tech support, but they don't have the performance that I'd want.  Sometimes my site goes really fast, and sometimes it goes really slow.  I'm not sure if that's normal since that's the only host (paid) that I've used.

But I must say, that UNIX host looks pretty good....  I'll have to think about it.

Hosting .. hehe tough subject

I host all my website ( around 200 ) on

I have one budget hosting package from the days that they had it for $4.95/month

This budget one is quite good for this kind of money! Of course you have WHM panel and everything and you can host quite good amount of websites. Of course you cannot host some high traffic vbulletin forum with 100 sql queries ;) But simple content websites can go there. I have some 50 websites that use sql/php there and all are quite responsive and budget server can handle quite a lot requests per day !

Now totally different thing is Advanced plan. I bought UK advanced plan for 24.95 a month and oh my oh it is fast and can also handle vbulletin forum with ease. I host there all the rest of my websites. Mostly those are content websites using low resource but there are couple of intensive and high traffic forums and websites also.

I certainly recomment zoom hosting, either resellerzoom if you need to host lots of your and clients websites or if you just need simple hosting with cpanel and no WHM then they have nice deals on also

There are couple of good hostings out there that people like ... etc etc ....
The best bet would be to read some reviews on

Oh I forgot ... with advanced plans you get free live support 24/7 on resellerzoom while on budget plans you only get email support but they answer emails within couple of hours but usually quicker ( within one hour ) They also have forum on their own and if there is something wrong with servers people just start posting angry posts and the problem is solved quickly :D


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