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This is my first spring and therefore first time splitting.  So I have 1 Queen did well last summer but is taking her time to warm up after winter. Then I have another Queen had a rough time last summer ( probs my fault) but she is going exceptionally well now laying wall to wall.... So my question to all the more knowledgeable which queen should I try rearing from ( will use zig zag foundation technique). Thanks for your opinions.

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First question , what is the age of each of the queens as of right now today.  Not in years, in months.  And not how long you have had her, months age from the month that she was reared and mated.
In absence of such detail, pick the one who does well but seems slow to warm up. Imho.

Yes well I bought nucs last november both Queens marked green and well established when I got them. So I don't  know exactly how old or when mated. Thanks for your reply.

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I don't know your location but build up can also be a function of how the hive was left in the fall and what resources it has to expand.  I would go with the one that takes off not knowing anything else.  Keep in mind that picking the best queen and not giving her resources would be a shame.

Yes they were both pretty even going in maybe leaning a little in favour of the good queen but the boomer is not slowing which is great.

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