Missing Mites with OA?

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I treated for mites yesterday, I pulled the supers as directed. I tried to smoke the bees down into the brood chamber before I pulled the honey supers. It still feels like I may have only treated half the bees in the hive though. Did I do this right?

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I did not do a shake before hand since this was actually the first treatment that have had since spring. They have had ample brood breaks however.

One hive had about 10 on the board after 24 hrs. The other two boards only had a couple each.

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I doubt any treatment will be 100% effective at any single point in time.  Some mites may be on foragers, or robbers could be bringing others back.  It?s a moving number.

Most of the mites will be under cappings.  Most of the ones that aren?t will be on nurse bees near open brood. 

So if you treat the brood chamber you?ll get most of the mites not under cappings. 

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Keep in mind that the mite drop isn?t immediate.  There is a bit of delay for the oa crystal coating to take effect and bees grooming.  Heaviest drop after oav seems to be at 24-48 hours after the blast. 

Thanks for the replies.  I?ll hit them again this weekend, and the next also.

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