Looking for Used DE Hives


I'm expanding my little hobby this coming summer and plan to add 6-8 colonies.  I use (and love) the DE hives and want to continue using that size of equipment.  

Does anyone out there have DE's to sell?  If you do or know of someone that does, email me  Put Bee Hives or something similar in the subject line so you don't get deleted. :D

Michael Bush:
I have four complete and some extra parts and a super that isn't put together yet.

One has bees in it, but I was thinking of moving them into a standard hvie anyway.

If you want to drive here to pick them up, you can see my setup.  :)

Hi Michael,

I would LOVE to see your set-up, you know I'm trying to get these girls on small cell. I haven't posted on this topic lately, but I place a few frames with fresh foundation in late summer, very little of the foundations were drawn out and they weren't following the foundation very well.  I think I might remove those in the spring and let them try again :(  I haven't been to NE since I was about 10, driving back with my folks from a trip to the Grand Canyon as I recall. :)  Is this a 'free for the taking' offer?  I think you must be at least 500-600 miles from me.


Michael Bush:
Some of the frames are in bad shape.  Most of them in in ok shape.  The tops and bottom and boxes are in great shape.  There are a lot of exrtra inner covers and boxes.  At least some of them are unassembled in the box.

How about $100 for the whole lot?  Four hives plus odds and ends.  I'd have to go count, but I believe I have four stands, four bottom boards, four vent boxes,  four of the standard inner covers with the top entrance, four inner covers without top entrances, 12 deep boxes with frames and , somewhere between 12 and 16 shallow boxes with frames.  One of the hives even has bees in it.  :)  But I can remove them if you like. I can try to get a more accurate count when the snow melts.  :)

That sounds very fair Michael - I'll take you up on that.  I'm thinking April sometime?  Maybe early April or even late March?  I won't really need them until very late April or even early May as it can be quite chilly as far north as these girls will be, so I don't think I can get nucs started much before the 3rd or 4th weeks of April.

Let me know if that timeframe works for you.  I can make it down your way sooner, but would rather not travel in winter conditions if it isn't necessary. ;)  If you guys are having the kind of winter we're having so far, we may still have snow on the ground in April!



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