How do Flying Saucers deal with such G-Force?

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Brian D. Bray:

--- Quote from: ayyon2157 on November 19, 2009, 12:48:55 pm ---Hello Brian:

     What is a "Keylally"??

     Yes, I misspoke in appearing to confuse "thought speed" with the speed at which I have felt my consciousness travel during  an OOB experience. I have no quarrel with your thought that thought speed is for all practical purposes instantaneous.

     As to the speed "between sound and light" at which I believe my body travels when going and coming from an OOB destination, there is a third speed (which may be it) of vibration traveling through a solid object.  Britons in WW2 noticed that when a bomb or shell was exploded across the Channel, first the flash was observed, then a jolt was felt, then the sound was heard. ( I suppose the speed might vary with the material involved)


--- End quote ---

A Keylally is the word the Chinook and Salish Indians usedin their trade language for their "Medicine Man."  Key (aka kee) means new, whereas Lally means a long time ago or the new and the old.  The medicine men were also the tribal historians, keepers of the oral history of the tribe, as well as the spiritual leader and healers.  Chinook Jargon, as the whiteman came to call the trade language Chinnok Jargon.  It is interesting to note that At the same time Lewis and Clark where encamped at the mouth of the Columbian (Oregon) river, a sailor named John Robert Jewett was being help as a captive slave by the Nootka Indians of northern Vancouver Island.  The indians used Chinnok Jargon when conversing with anyone outside of their own tribe, therefore it was with some wonder that John Robert Jewett found that he could converse in the "Indian" language with the members of the Lewis & Clark expidition that he came into contact with upon aboth parties return to "civilization.

You are right to note vibration or concussion as different from both the speed of thought and speed of light.  The speed of vibration depends upon the substance the vibration is travelling through, in water it is called sonar, in a gas (air) it is called the speed of sound, through rock it is called tremblor (or inductive).

Okay there are many ways to explain the G-forces.  One is that alien anatomy is very different from our own an alien pilot could be more suited for flying then us earth dwellers.  Another is that there is no pilot at all but an unmaned probe of some sort.  I like to use the idea though that they can fold space like a piece of paper to travel from point to point seems like your going fast but your really not.  Another idea is that if there are multiple dimentions we could be seeing another world identical to ours but more advanced through some rip between the worlds movements may be distorted by this rip and make the appearance that the craft is moving faster. 


--- Quote ---I like to use the idea though that they can fold space like a piece of paper to travel from point to point seems like your going fast but your really not.
--- End quote ---

Exactly my thoughts.  The craft is actually stationary and space is being manipulated around the craft. 

David LaFerney:
BeeMaster sez -
"Just wait and see, I know that some day, many thousand of years from now - but one day regular women will give birth to what will be the next AGE OF MAN. I don't believe another version of man will be born (without us knowing) and they somehow over power us to be the greatest species living on the planet. Sure along time ago, two early human tribes might have lived on the Earth and happened to either kill the other or someone died of other causes."

I don't think we will have to wait that long to find out.  When we start sending people to live permanently off planet - space stations, moon, mars, wherever - we will send our best, brightest, healthiest, fittest in every way specimens.  After a few generations their descendants will probably see  "Earthers" as barely human - or at least as slow, backwards, diseased, and smelly. 

That is, if the LHC doesn't destroy the earth when they fire it up again tomorrow night.

Now we know why their 3 feet tall


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