Full beesuit for sale or trade

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Beth Kirkley:
That's exactly the jacket I've got posted above. It's nice to hear that others that bought them like them. And fast shipping is a plus. But I need to sell my suit first so I've got the cash to buy it.

I know it's not going to be real easy to sell my suit. It's such a big size, it would have to be just the right person buying it. Most people would be needing a medium or large suit - not a 2X. But it's worth a shot.


Horns Pure Honey:
My grandpa and I are buying all of are new equipment, I am wondering how tall that suite is. My grandpa is a big man so that might just work. bye :D

Beth Kirkley:
I'm 5 foot 7 inches, and when I bought the suit weighed roughly 245 pounds (it would fluxuate some). It was sorta snug in the belly (wearing jeans and t-shirt underneath), but had room in the length body part for someone taller.

I guess they don't expect a 5' 7" woman to weigh that much. :) It's pitiful, but I used to say one of Garfield's old lines ---- I'm not fat, I'm just short.

I would say it would fit a man about 6 foot or under.... but over that, I'm not sure. I could always measure it more exact if needed.

I looked on Mann Lake to see if it said anything about who can fit in what size, and all it said with XXL was "chest size 54-56 inches". Nothing there about height. But they might be able to tell you if you called them.


Horns Pure Honey:
Well he is like 6 3 at least, bye :D

Dear Beth what all comes with the suit helmet, gloves, veil and is it a zippered veil.
Also what would be the shipping cost be to ship to 49885.
Thanks Steve


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