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Beth Kirkley:
Size 2x (or XXL is what it's really called) beesuit - with zipper veil, hat, and medium gloves. Bought 2 years ago, still in great condition.

Reason for the interest in selling - It's sorta hot, so I'd like to go with cotton...... and I've lost 80 pounds, so it's way too big for me now. When I bought it I was wearing size 24 in woman's (size 42 inch in men's). I'm now down to size 14 in woman's (32 inch in men's). So as you can imagine, the suit is more like a tent on me now.
I called Mann Lake to find out how tall of a man could fit in the suit. They said a man up to about 6' 6". I am 5' 7", and even though when I was heavier there was room in the middle body length, it wasn't too much to be bothersome. Now that I've lost weight, the inseam is down to my knees. :)

Looks like this:

$50 - plus shipping cost

Or will trade for new or used of both of these items below, or trade for a smaller size suit just like mine medium or large:

Beekeeping Jackets Price - $40 ($34 + $6 shipping)

and this -

Mann Lake catalog - page 64 Price - $17 plus shipping

One small note though...... I emailed the man that has the bee jacket I posted on here. I will have to say, that if he writes me back and says he no longer sells these jackets, I'll have to delete this post and NOT sell my suit. :) I'd hate to sell the suit and then have nothing. If there's somone out there that has a trade I mentioned, then that would work and I'd go for it. (Received an email back, and he still sells the jackets.)

If interested, you can either PM me or e-mail me at


Beth, this is what I use and I love it!

For some reason I don't like the idea of the hat being seperate from the rest of the suit. I guess maybe for the reason you stated, it can slide foreward or fall off. With the hooded jacket, everything is integral and nothing slides around. If the front of the veil bumps you in the nose too much, you can always wear a baseball cap inside the veil. I have not had a problem with this though.

The cotton poly blend is much cooler than the straight poly jacket and is, I think, only $5 more.

I bought mine from Dadent. Good luck with your new suit! :D

Beth -

Well congratulations on losing 80 lbs!

Beth Kirkley:
Jay - I haven't had a problem with the full beesuit hat falling down. I guess because it's attached at the zipper, so no sliding. But that stupid hat and veil by itself is the most rediculous idea someone ever created.

leominsterbeeman - Thank you. :)



Try this link:
 They have cotton jackets with beevail for $34 + $6 shipping.  From what I have heard from those who have bought them that they really like them, and they ship fast too.  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:



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