Why Do UFOs have External Lights???

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Michael Bush:
I think they use lights because they want to shake up the humans.  They are probably alien teenagers.

I like the teenager theory,  like ours with the car stereos blasting your windows from 2 blocks away.

     What if is a visual spectrum wave length need?  I'm way out of my element here.  What if they need lights of certain frequency variations or combined at certain strobe type of flash to see or for instruments to work?  Or even a combination of the spectrum?  Just because we, physiologically, see things a certain way doesn't mean that is the way of the world...or other worlds or suns... I like the E. T. tenager theory.

I seem to remember a discussion of this subject, which postulated that it was to avoid collisions.

     The author of the article cited prior instances of aparrent mid-air collisions prior to the craft being equipped with running lights.

     It seems plausable to me that they are "unmanned" reconnisance craft WHICH HAVE BEEN ADJUSTED TO THE VIBRATORY RATE OF EARTH in order to sense conditions, take samples, etc. (made "solid" in other words)

     An example of "non solid" alien reconnisance "craft" might have been the "foo fighters" seen in the skies over Germany in WW2 and photographed extensively.  These were not, apparently, completely adjusted to our vibratory rate as bursts of machine gun fire seemed to pass through harmlessly.

     Aircraft "vanished" in those days also without a trace, some right out of a formation while being observed at close range by gunners in other aircraft.

     Some of this was reported by Ernie Pyle, who was almost a god to us Indiana folks, and well before the "flying saucer stuff".


If you dove into the deep ocean or went into a trackless jungle today you would carry a gps locator beacon or a strobe light so any searchers could find you. This wouldn't be for the natives or fish to look at but so someone overhead would see you.
  Any group that could fly between planets wouldn't care about little old us, but would want any watchdog overhead to keep them in sight. Thus the distinctive lighting.


the alien union strong. For all we know they probably had a finned tail light phase too. Hopefully they skipped the Pinto phase.

   Having had the leisure to be scared S***less up in Alsaka years ago watching the UFOs come and go with multi color models for a few nights in the bush I can only opine that there must be an asthetic value guiding an ordering system. If we have two stripes and gunny over there has his four why not a red ufo and big shot over there got promoted to  the white model with the finned tail lights?
  I 've even seen lasers coming from them, less than a mile away, deep in the bush. Alone. F-R-E-A-K-Y. Stick to bees man. stick to bees.


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