Howto: Administer an Epinephrine Shot

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For those who do not have an epi-pen, or have bees on someone else's property, an alternative, and perhaps even a safer one would be a bottle of benedryl.

It will not save your life, but will buy you an extra 20-30 minutes to get to a hospital, that you would not of otherwise had.

I have an epi-pen at the house. I originally got it to keep in the truck, but it is temperature sensitive.

I have bees on farms with children. And strongly suggest that every family have a bottle on hand.

And you don't take a teaspoon or two. If you are experiencing the beginnings tightening of the chest, difficulty breathing, drink the WHOLE bottle. You may throw up, but it will buy you time.

Is the Benadryl the children's liquid strength? I can't find Benadryl for adults in liquid form. Or is it the same?

My epi-pens on-hand saved my life this year.

Lesson learned #1: Don't wear un-tied tennis shoes while moving your beehives.

I was stung 7 times, 4 and 3, in each ankle. I thought I'm a man and can handle it. Besides I had been stung a few times and hadn't had a reaction.

7 times all at once crossed the line for my body. Breathing got more difficult, head, armpits, and other areas severely itchy. I understood that I was having a reaction. I went inside, whipped out the epi-pen, and asked my wife to stab me because I was a wuss.

(Side note: mine came with practice device. It trains you how to administer the shot. Very cool idea)

Within 1 minute things got easier, esp. breathing. Five minutes and I was doing much better. The hives took the night to go away.

So, what's really the first rule I learned this year? Have an epi-pen handy. Just in case :)

Have a great weekend!


--- Quote from: tlozo on November 11, 2008, 11:17:57 am ---Is the Benadryl the children's liquid strength? I can't find Benadryl for adults in liquid form. Or is it the same?

--- End quote ---

I have the liquid but do not remember if adult or child. I will have to go up to the storage shack and take a look later today. Will get back to you and let you know.

GREAT info. Thanks.
I did have a problem getting a "script" since "I" wasnt allergic, but my ex is and she drops off stuff once in a great while. Mostly I was wanting one or 2 as a "just in case" reason. Anyone know of the right thing to tell the Dr to get them to losen up?


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