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Looks like it needs updating again (may 2012 last post) I looked and I'm not on map.. JPP

James M. Wagner:
Could I recommend that everyone update your location to the commonly accepted format of City, County, State? If you are outside of the USA, add Country after State. (Or, if your country has not states, just country instead of state). Is this OK with Mr. Moderator? Thanks. -James Wagner

That is strictly a personal preference. Some people have  concerns over  privacy issues, and I understand that. It is to there benefit to be as geographical specific,but if it makes them uncomfortable to be too specific, we will not mandate it.

I noticed that the map had not been updated in a while.  The laptop that used to run the update task has got a re-install. I didn't realize that I had killed the map update job until now.  The update job has now been moved to a server and should once again be updated once a day.  I have just run the job, and all data should now be up to date.

Awesome Eivind!!  :)


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