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I just took a look at the membership listing and EVERY SINGLE REAL MEMBER (discounting the computer generated ones) but all the real members have added a location - BRAVO to them!!!!

I hope this is a sign of things to come - having this info is very helpful for many reasons and I'm glad that the new membership has caught on to the need to give us their basic location to help map the world with our membership.

Great Job everyone, statistically we have some really awesome days ahead and as Franky goes to Hollowood said "The World is our Oyster!" and we really are getting a large collection of states and countries that without Eivindm map, we would really NOT have a clue of the true demographics represented here. Great work all.

It's been a while since I posted this link, so I can't think of a better area right now to post the link to the DEGREE CONFLUENCE PROJECT @ - quick recap about this 5 STAR website: Around the planet there are thousands of intersecting longitude and latitude locations on the globe. The theme of this site is for ordinary people to trek to these locations ( called Confluences ) and take photos of the exact intersection, and images North, South, East and West while standing at that confluence.

The adventures use GPS devices to prove their location - see the actual photo of the location documented by camera and all the photos of villages, cities and the secluded wilds of the world.

This may sound easy and sometimes it is, but MOST of the time the confluences are smack in the middle someones home, in the middle of a stream, high atop a mountain ridge, deep in a valley or even moles and miles into never before visited dense forrest.

What really makes the site neat is the stories people write concerning their trip to the confluence, sometimes it is a trip planned YEARS in advance. other times it is a rope climb down a 1000ft cliff into a valley of snakes.

But the code (the admin uses a similar program to this forum) is so interactive that you can literally find any single confluence by location, finder, and a multitude of ways. The images are great, the stories are pure adventure and you will get to see parts of the world that our membership come from like you have never seen before.

Just as an example, there are only 5 confluences in New Jersey (Beemaster's state) - and only 885 in the entire USA. so don't think these confluences are a dime a dozen, it is a rare treat to see these and an amazing feat to have actually made their way through unimaginable terrain to actually log the confluence for the world to share. These people (and you could be one of them) are modern day Lewis and Clarks, Magellans, and other explorers - share their experiences and see the world without ever having to leave this website.

On the main page JUST LOOK at all the Countries Listed and you will be hooked. Have fun if you have never been here before.

Lastly, I strongly suggest downloading one of the free Text to Speech readers (from the Download and software section) to let the PC read some of the longer posts while you look at the images and surf. But if you like reading, then I promise THIS SITE is one you will come back to again and again.

Im not getting links on the maps today. if you didn't catch my post in the other section I'm in Alaska U.S.A.

well still dont get any link from map number but found the member list and see that I'm on there along with a ham from nikiski Ill have to try to look him up next time I go south :)


--- Quote from: 1frozenhillbilly ---Im not getting links on the maps today. if you didn't catch my post in the other section I'm in Alaska U.S.A.
--- End quote ---


Sprry for being slow on the updates the last days.  Been home with a fever :-(  Have to be at the University to look into it, and I'm afraid I won't be there until january.  Until then, happy christmas.


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