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As an eBay seller myself, I would welcome the advertisement of my items by anyone and everyone possible as that would potentially drive up the price of my items, but I have to agree with Mark.  This is a disservice to any potential bidder on that item, the more secluded the auction the better chance the bidder has of obtaining an item at a bargain price.

And I guess that it would be a service to any member here who might like to bid on it and might not have seen it otherwise. There is good in every evil and evil in every good. Again I posted this mostly as information to the members and guests here. I am more concerned about them then I am with buyers or sellers who I do not know. I imagine the ethics of this could be disscussed ad nauseam. Did any of my critics notice that I put a link to buying the book outside of the auction? Or that I thought that someone might draw up plans FOR THE PEOPLE WHO COME HERE?
This is my last post in this thread. Anyone who doesn't understand after this post is just not going to get it.

Oh, one more point.
 I'll problably do this again.

I sort of agree with you Rog.  I certainly appreciated it brought to my attention.  Its a really cool box.  I have absolutely no intention of bidding on it, although Id like to build one someday, and try to seek out feral colonies.  I am a little bit confused on why people think this site is a competitive bidding tool directly linked to Ebay, I always thought it was for us non-competitive hobbiests to share ideas and thoughts, but maybe someday Ill figure that out too....maybe the same day I build a beebox. :?


--- Quote from: BigRog ---Thanks Robo
But I figured you'd have the plans up by now.
--- End quote ---

Anyone that is interested in bee lining and building a box I would suggest getting a hold of a copy of Keeping Bees by John Vivian.  It has excellent illustrations of making a bee lining box out of a cigar box.  

I would highly recommend this book as it has lots of good information and is well worth the $10.  Even if you don't want to buy it, it is worth the trip to the library to borrow.

I understood your intention Rog and I greatly appreciated the link, otherwise I would have missed seeing that auction.  I do think that it is a good idea to bring it to the attention of the members here as we have a very large group of members that would have otherwise missed the auction as well.  Purely out of principal I personally would choose not to bid on that item though, only to be fair to someone else that might have their eye on it.  

I would however like to find plans to make my own, as I have never seen one and have no idea as to the dimensions.  I'm very intrigued by the idea of finding feral colonies with one of the boxes.


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