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Here's a little bit of information about Bee Lining competitions.

John Vanian says in his book to use a old cigar box to make a bee lining box. Robo has suggested you borrow the book from a libary and you might even find a copy there.
But if you don't here is the average size of the cigar box.
 9 inches long 6 inches wide and 2 inches deep.
Split the box in half long wise with a slot for a sliding door and a partition.
A rather simple design most people can make.

Also in John Vanian's book is a way to make your own foundation and other useful things. It is not a waste of money book.

Since this forum was started for the most part to share information on bee keeping and giving unline help, this post does belong here and it is just to bad if the idems prices is driven up by intrested members from this site bidding on the same Idem. That is the nature of auctions, and YOU need to know your bidding limit going into it.
I urge members to post auction idems which may be useful to other bee keepers here.
Keep in mind that the price a member recives may be inhanced from the information being posted here too.

 :D Al

I need to spend more time in this forum - lol. I read MARK'S responce to BigRog's post and frankly I thought it a bit disturbing. Sure, Trading Post is for members to offer up or ask for stuff they are looking for and yep, maybe the Ebay item could have been placed somewhere else in the forum, but MARK, take a chill pill dude!

I've learned one thing after being sick for nearly 4 years from complications from Mennengitis brought on by a viral infection from Lymes Disease, that is - you can't take "The things that don't matter" in life too serious! You'll stroke out or something and for what?, all for nothing MOST of the time.

Just a brief update for those following my resent health issues: I'm waiting on CT Scans taken of my brain on Wednesday, I had hoped to have heard from my specialist by now, but I guess (hopefully) it will be Monday that I find out what is happening.

Meanwhile, honestly I'm not doing so good. I'm dealing with blinding headaches on a daily basis and my memory continues to fail me. I'm optomistic that when we get started on treatment for this infection of my skull and possible infection in my brain, that I'll be okay after some heavy duty antibiotic treatments and possible surgery. Sorry to bum anyone out, just updating my friends in here who I know are interested in how I am doing.

I have grown humble and a bit mellower as I see my solid grasp on things weakening. Being 45 years old and in relatively good physical shape, I would hope to be healthier than I currently am, but it's been a tough road since June of 2001 - an eye opener that I would not wish on anyone, except for the fact that my prospective on what is and is not important has truly changed.

My wife Tracey is sitting behind me reading this and she commented that my skill of communication is still pretty sharp: I hope that my ability to write never leaves me, that is the one true gift that I think I have been blessed with and to see it wither away would be like seeing me fade into nothingness.[/b]

So, enjoy the forum folks. Don't beat up on each other on silly protocoll issues. I'll be back in the forum soon, I promise - it's just hard for me to concentrate right now. I'm not a worrier, I just can't think through the headaches and I'm spending more time with my family then with my Internet friends right now because I know where priorities should be and I value my family and the comfort they give me. But rest assured, I'll be back and hopefully as sharp as ever  :lol:  Just taking a break and enjoying the bees as they fly by the thousands a minute in and out of the hives.

Talk again to you all soon.

Mark Allen:
I have my grandfathers bee lining boxes There are three boxes used in his method. Would gladly send anyone pictures and dimensions. Used them last month to locate a tree 100 yards from house.  Easy to make and a lot simpler than the methods that are described on all these sights.

Thanks for posting this. I never get around to looking this stuff up on eBay myself. Very interesting.


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