Bees chewing up the SC foundation

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In one of my nuc-started hives (the non-messy one), this is the configuration:  a bottom deep, then a medium, then a shallow honey super.  In the deep these bees did a good job of drawing comb from starter strips.  They were festooning on the outer frames of the medium when I looked in the box today.  The honey super was fitted with shallow frames with SC starter strips, but cautious about the straight comb issue, I put one frame in the center with SC foundation that extended to about 1/8 inch from the bottom groove (poor measuring and cutting on my part). 

I checked today to see if the bees had started in that box and found that they had chewed the comb on the filled frame out of the frame and had it lying across the bottoms of the frames. I hate wasting the SC foundation like that!   :-x

I took it out and put in a filled frame of LC.  I've ordered the 7/11 that Michael recommends but it isn't here yet.

Linda T confused by and confusing the bees

You put these three empty boxes on at the same time? They chewed the wax away from where they didn't need it at the time and put it where they needed it.

I didn't put the three on at once - I've added one every time the one below was pretty much drawn out.  The box where they chewed the wax was the last one I added.  I did add it a little earlier than I usually do (I usually wait until 7 - 8 frames have been drawn) - they had drawn about 6 frames in the box below....but the tulip poplar flow is on and it was going to be too cold to open the hives - of course, it then would also be too cold for them to be out flying so what was I thinking??? 

In my family when you do something early or in a hurry to get there, we say that's "pushing the train out of the station."  I guess that's what I was doing to the bees.

Linda T

Hi Tillie I have made the same mistake before now when I add a box and 7 or 8 frames are drawn I also try to get a perception of what else is going on Is there a flow what time of the year is it things like this it gives me a better perception of what to do.Sometimes the weather time of year give me a better idea of what to do.When I first started Beekeeping I just didn't have a complete understanding
of what to do.Now you are getting some experience you can fill in the blanks a little better.Watch your bees for a couple of days an see what they do.A lot of times bees don't do what they are supposed to they do what they want

You know, Kirk-o, I knew I was putting it on early. 

I was expecting that with both the cold weather and the fact that I was in the mountains and not at home over the weekend, that I would miss the opportunity of the tulip poplar flow which is going full blast right now.  However, I didn't take into account that the bees wouldn't be flying - flow or no flow - in the cold.  Also I keep forgetting that I started my first two hives on April 16 last year and didn't miss the tulip poplar flow - even with the bees needing to build up comb, etc.  I've already had these two new hives over a month and they are doing great -

Guess I was just not respecting the bees' time table and was forgetting that they are in charge, not I  :roll:

Live and learn,
Linda in Atlanta


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