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I cut out a hive in the 2nd week of Jan.Moved them up to the Orchard.Set them up and added a second medium.Two weeks later addded another med.Two weeks later two more mediums all with starter strips .They drew it right down straight I was reall excited to see this.I then removed ten frames of white honey and added new frams with strips.I opened up the brood nest some more anded ten more frames starter strips .This hive is really going gangbusters.My 3 year Feral is doing like wise took 5 frames honey added new frames with starter strips.I very excited about the other five feral swarms I hived this last week I joined two together today also.I really like the starter strips so do the bees.

I'm envious, Kirk-o.  I haven't gotten into my hives since I cleared up the mess from the starter strips in my gangbusters hive.

I have added supers with starter strips on both of the other hives now, and I'll report how they do at making comb.  The way the weather looks, I'll probably not get to see the insides of my hives until Monday morning.  The second time I took the starter strip route, I put a frame of 4.9 foundation in the center that was almost the full depth of the frame.

Linda T

I don't know if this matters but they were small when I cut them out .I tied the brood in the frames,Then added a box a medium.Los Angeles is wierd when it comes to weather.They were really rolling when I cut them out,This is also the first year I haven't give any artifical feed just lucky I gues good luck with yours Tillie

My bees are going gangbusters also. I through a hive body on three of them in the past week.



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