Beemaster, Where is everyone???


Hope I didn't scare everyone away telling too much about myself!

I have been truly inspired by the accounts from you, Shredder and Powerpc1 most of all.  I am driven to forge forward and have that elusive OBE.  

I have been reading in, "The Secret of the Soul" (SS) about the help Mind Machines offer to people when getting to the "state".  Well, I just happen to own a Nova Pro from Photosonics.  This device is apparently highly touted as being one of the best programmable units existing today.  

There are some programs within the ROM that address directly OBE's and also deep meditating techniques.  I never noticed them (there are 50 total) until I read the reference in SS.  I have more to explore now!

I understand some consider mind machines to be a crutch but I want to experience OBE's as soon as practical.  My problem at this early time in my adventures is I fall asleep.  I get too relaxed and fall asleep.  So much for my conscious awareness!  When I awake I have no recollection of anything having happened to me.  

I think I might have mentioned earlier, ever since the stroke I rarely recall any dreams.  I do dream, I just don't recall most.  So my quest continues.  

P.S. Beemaster,  Just tell me when to shut up until I have something substantive to contribute - any time you want.  I'll comply.


DO NOT SHUT UP - please  :oops:

Life has been busy here and my forum time has been very limited. The one thing I try NOT to do id make the forum a FULL TIME JOB and sometimes with spam-members needing deleting, some posts needing modifying, replying to about 100 emails a day, etc - I get lost in the world of the forum and neglect the truly important things, my wife and sickly mother.

I really enjoyed your last post a lot, and I'll be answering your letter soon with lots of comments - but it seems you already have your mind tuned well. I love OBE talk and not too many people do it, so don't go away.

I'll be at work tonight 3-11pm and I should have time to sit down and write back. What I want to do is start listing some exercises which promote the conscious to leave the body - home spun Tai-Chi exercises, just to show how it feels to experience the physical and conscious at the same time. Then as I gather content, add some photos and build a full section off of my main OBE web-page :)

So, no one is ignoring you - it has been a tremendous growth time - lots of members have not only joined the forums, but are very active learning about beekeeping at all levels - that is something that I really enjoy to see happen. The activity is amazing when you count the posts and replies, the numbers can be in the hundreds a day now.

I'll do my best to write tonight. I left you with a cliff hanger - the mime I mentioned in the last post of course is Tai-Chi movements to bring out the conscious energy in you. Once you get to play with it, you can recognize it easier later on - that is the first goal in OBE.

Near the end of my last post I stated, "I think I might have mentioned earlier, ever since the stroke I rarely recall any dreams. I do dream, I just recall most."

I meant to say I don't recall most.

You also mentioned you have a "main OBE web-page"...where?????

Another can you place this most recent post in the Dark Side/OBE 's?  Sorry I started another topic accidentally.[/u]

I am anxious to read what you have to say about my last post.


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