Need help in pricing my beeswax cosmetics

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mistake, meant to pm someone. sorry

Annette, don't get overwhelmed, its just not worth it and don't sell yourself short. You have a fine product that is handcrafted and very desirable but you can only supply so much of your product as you are a very small operation.

You need to consider what you want your clientel to be, as who do you want to target. You enjoy making these gifts but if you are not extremely well compensated, the labor of love soon fizzles to total aggravation and then you've just dug yourself into a miserable hole and the fun of it is a thing of the past.

I would set your prices high for consumers and give friends a break, remember why you started doing this in the first place, for the shear joy and love of it right?

Reasonable people expect to pay more for handcrafted things, besides they appreciate patronizing small businesses because they know that love and joy created those items.

Its just like fresh raw honey vs store bought crap from God knows where, get your price and enjoy every aspect of your creations, good luck to you Annette!


Thanks JP

Yes, you are right about knowing exactly what I want, and actually I do know what I want. I had a women tell me yesterday that she can sell my stuff in a Spa near here and I felt really, really good about this. So I am going to target Spa's and some specialty stores in my own area. Better to keep it small right now.

Thanks again.

I made lotion bars today!  Annette, you inspired me!  What fun...I have used up almost all the beeswax I harvested.  Now of course...I am looking to buy the stuff!

Where can we find the best wholesale prices on beeswax, cocoa butter and the like I wonder?  I dohave a resale license for the dahlias, but I have never searched this stuff before.

I would like to sell the lotion bars along with the dahlia bouquets that I sell in the Summer...

Any ideas?


I will PM you tomorrow with many sources I have found out. I promise tomorrow.


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