New Website For Locating Honeybee Removal Experts

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Scott Derrick:
Hi Everyone,

I have put hours into creating a website dedicated to helping the general public find beekeepers that are willing to help remove honeybees from their property. The site is:

If you are a beekeeper that is willing to remove bees from property in your local vicinity please join me in this effort by sending me an email with the following information about your desire to have your information published to the website:

Name, State, Phone Number and What areas (range) you are willing to travel to...

This website is not totally finished and will evolve just as has over the years. Although not finished I have gone ahead and launched the site so we could be ready for the spring swarming season by populating the states with people willing to do the work.

This site will be totally non-profit. I will not take any money for advertisement and plan on doing everything out of my own pocket for now. I will take donations for the upkeep of the server but won't worry about that until after the first of the year. I do plan on having a discussion forum and a place where you can load photos of the removal that you have done. Who knows where this will go but I think the ride will be fun.

Please join with me in protecting the bees that add so much joy to our lives. Let’s help make the public aware that there are other alternatives to killing this valuable resource.

Scott Derrick

Scott, I would have thought you would have added me automatically, you can add me to the list because I am bee poor and need some more ;), if you need anymore info PM me....

Scott Derrick:
Hey Ted,

Gotcha my man. Hope all is well.


Hey Scott,

Found one glitch for you.  CO brings up the Conneticut page and CT takes a 404.

Scott Derrick:

Thanks so much for the "heads up". The problem has been fixed.  ;)


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