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Ben Framed:
Quoting HP
'My veil for normal work around the beeyard is just an orange/amber set of form fitting safety glasses.''

Good idea, thanks.

Ben Framed:

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''Closest has been into the eyeball itself. That was a real trip!  Own personal built in  kaleidoscope lit up. Was really kool.  Though very scary wrt potential for permanent nerve damage.''

This is my concern, catching one in the eye itself.  This is the reason that I use the veil as much as I do, even though I sometimes pitch it aside anyway. What did the professionals do to treat this situation? Was the stinger removed by professionals or did you or someone close do it before you went to a professional?  How was it removed in your situation?

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My veil for normal work around the beeyard is just an orange/amber set of form fitting safety glasses.  When the weather is overcast, the bees are particularly testy, or I am intent on doing purposeful major disruptions then I suit up. 
The eyeball sting occurred long ago, an early morning moving hives.  Jumped out of the truck, walked back to check straps and as I walked by she came rip-roaring out of the hive entrance which on the deck of the truck is near eye level.  Point blank range attack.  Grabbed hold of my eyelid and jammed me In the white of the eyeball. Lightning fast she was! 
Thankfully I was not alone.  Partner pulled out his pocket knife and scraped / picked the stinger out quickly. Treatment was compress (ice chilled cloth), benadryl, and an eyepatch for the week to keep eyesight stimulation minimal.  No problems, no complications.  It helped immensely that we were well into bee season and my normal reaction to sting and venom is less than a mosquito bite welt, if anything at all.

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Spring is coming do you wear eye protection?


I thus far have rarely worn anything. I do plan on picking up a veil to use this year. While I don't generally mind bees landing on me or flying around me while working with the girls I don't care for them buzzing my face or ears. I just kept forgetting to get one last year.

As for worst place I've been stung I would have to go with inside my nose. Made the nostril swell up nicely and the skin peeled off the inside edge too. Rather avoid that happening again haha.


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