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Just for a bit of fun, what?s the most painful place you?ve been stung?

I just opened my hive for my first (almost) spring inspection. Bees everywhere and lid full of burr comb.

While cleaning up and moving boxes around/adding a super to give them some room, one of the buggars stung me in the nose through the mesh.

Apart from looking like Steve Martin in Roxanne, it bloody hurts!!

Anyone else got a story?

Bee North:
Ha ha

Hi Jim

Funny...the last sting i got was the same. Right on the tip of the nose. Tears pouring down my face!

The worst i reckon i had was on top of my head!

Problem with the top of the head is locating the stinger...lucky my 8yo was home to pluck it out for me!

Good to hear your girls are busy!

Well Sir, your results match mine - right on the tip of the nose! Most painful one I've had. Hurt for a couple of days. Popped the lid on what should have been a peaceful hive - whoops!

The nose is only an introduction to pain and tears. Wait until you get one in the tear duct at the outer edge of your eye. Then you will know pain and tears. It is twice as bad as getting one under your shorts if you are male.

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