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Hello folks,

It's time to upgrade as the little bronze smoker my father gave me won't stay smoking long enough.  What is the best smoker available in Australia?


Hi Lone, I have a beeco smoker. Australian made and good quality. There are cheaper imports available - but I chose to buy Australian.
I am only a novice, so some of the more "seasoned" apiarists may have a different view...


Thanks, Hotdog.

I was made aware a little while ago that some of the cheaper smokers don't have an extra valve, or something like that.  I'm not sure how it works.  There is another larger smoker here, but I think it has the problem of only the one inlet/outlet hole and doesn't seem to ever work too well.  (My brother is a physicist and took all the brain cells before I was born so my brain has empty space in the physics department).

Looking around on the net, I've come across these smokers with an internal stove.   Does anyone know how they work and if they are any good or better than a regular smoker?

My other trouble is my Smoker person, and I want to make things as simple as possible for him.  I have to instruct him on how to use a smoker every single time: not to blow flames or hot wind onto the bees, to smoke the bees when I need it where I am actually working and not over his shoulder out bush, to limit billows of smoke into my airways so there is a break for breathing, to smoke the opening when I lift the lid or super, to stop touching the hot smoker onto my hand, and to keep the thing going especially when working a hive with attitude.  I keep him around because.... he loves his job.    

It sounds sensible to buy a large aussie made SS smoker, so I'll look into that in the absence of a better working model.


OK Anybrew, 2 votes for beeco.


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