multiple eggs per cell

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100 TD:

--- Quote from: dermot --- 2 of the weakest hives showed somin strange.
--- End quote ---
This statement would lead one to think laying worker

OP sighting was 11th, he'll sure know buy now if they're drones..........

Interesting though, can't see any on the cell walls.........

My multi-layer queen layed more than 2 eggs per cell, maybe up to 5.  But even though bees were hatching, I don't think there was more than about 10 square cm of brood at a time.  The multi laying never resolved.


100 TD:
Interesting, second pic, no laying on pollen, singles on outside, none on cell walls, could be a queen, will be interesting to find out, specially if only small cluster area to keep warm, I wonder what is on the other side of that frame?

So we opened the boxes again on the 27th August (16°C). We found the queen again in both hives & both clusters were so small that they were contained within 3 frames. In 1 hive the queen reverted to laying single eggs per cell & there was a small area of very nice capped brood.
In the second hive the queen had improved & instead of laying 6-7 eggs per cell, is now down to laying 2-3. It seems as though the workers cleaned up the multiple eggs as the brood in the second hive is also very neat.
It was 16 days between visits & there is now no drone brood, which would seem to indicate multiple eggs from the queen rather than a laying worker.

The first image shows the queen on the frame & the second shows a close up of the same image with the multiple eggs almost transparent with the light shining through the wax.

The frames were removed for the purposes of picture taking to show the size of the cluster.

Would it be worth re-queening those 2 hives, just to be on the safe side?


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