who uses plastic frames?

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When it comes to plastic. This comes to mind.
That material is a problem.

Traditional uses. ah over 80 years using plastics yeah?

We barely know anything on the risks and impacts to anything in ourselves and the natural world.
Repeat this over and over until it hurts.

When you see the results from greater than 5000x electronic microscope, peering into digestive output i.e stool or gut takings, plastics are spotted and confirmed.
Surely we would start to avoid plastic. Full stop.
But nay, convenience overtakes over, aka ignorance.    

We have unleashed the day of no tomorrow.
And wonder the root cause of many problems, issues and annoyances in our daily lives.
Man made chemical materials and substances beyond harnessing natural resources such as wood which bees knows best.
But we have too, we are curious creatures.
When it comes to plastics, we know nothing.
Nothing of the true impact beyond tomorrow.
They are good, until they isn't.
Plastic is landfill, until it isn't.

If you do not believe me, here are three examples any person can do.
1: Take a synthetic pillow or blanket, wait any number months or years sitting around and observe the plastic decay. The clean up is a nightmare, in the air, around bedroom surfaces.

2: Place a plastic water bottle in the sunlight for days and take it to a water tester shop to determine if it is safe to drink. Or just drink it.

3: Look at any glass, wood or metal product, the quality across the spectrum seems and is better. No sharp or burred rims and edges, overall a higher grade of quality found with glass, metal and wood products.
But the plastic alternatives do have sharp or burred rims and edges, there seems to be no bloody quality control when it comes to plastic products in the majority.
Then there are the blended products, plastics break and decay first.
Go to any Kmart shop. Look, feel, buy it, regret it. Of course there are exceptions in each product range.

There is no way I will place any plastic outside for bee keeping here in Queensland.
And changing the way heat and humidity impacts our lives.

Thank you.

P.S Seems to be a typo for the second verification: Swet sticky liquid made by bees: is there swet or sweet?

Hi maxell,
good to have somebody else from Qld on the forum again.
Keep it up!

Terri Yaki:
Meh, George Carland does a routine on plastic. It?s probably not family friendly but it?s not hard to find on YouTube.

Ben Framed:
maxell86, the following topic was not about plastic frames, but it was a conversation started by Max2 discussing plastic honey bottles as well as glass with recycling as a consideration. Maybe it will be of interest too you..

Cheers, Ben Framed.
I am sure one day we all won't take shortcuts.


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