Requeening Methods

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Each season brings with it the replacements of tens, hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of queens.  There are success stories and failure stories.  Let us open some discussion with two leading questions. 

1 - what is the fastest, most efficient, best, way to find and dispatch the old queen?

2 - what is the most efficient and most assured successful way of introducing the new queen?

Lots of potential for side tracks and hijacks with this.  When you comment, please try to stay on topic of either or both of those two questions.  The intent and focus is to share the most expedient methods.  It is not to list off and create a vast index of methods.

Ben Framed:
Mr HP, Without going into detail I have read of versious ways. I do not know the fastest and best. I have reached the stage of beekeeping where this information will be of value to me. Im anxious to know these answers. Good topic and thanks.

For example:

1. Fastest find - single brood chamber plus young experienced eyes
2. Intro - wood mini cage with 4 days worth of candy.

Ben Framed:
A local fellow told me that you can introduce the new queen immediately (direct release) by misting her and the hive lightly with honey-bee-healthy. I have not mustered up the courage to try this.

The safest method I have seen is Michale Palmers method of push in cage introduction. I do not see that is the fastest way but I would dare say the safest way?

Note and modification. I forgot to add, the fellow uses a mixture of 50 percent sugar water and 50 percent honey-bee-healthy for the misting. Sorry for any inconvenience and I am still afraid to try. lol

I have tried a smoked introduction with 50/50 results.  I've only done it twice.  One hive accepted the queen and she was laying within days.  Ironically, my second attempt was yesterday.  After smoking the hive and introducing the queen, I checked in on her 5 minutes later and found the hive trying to ball her and dragging her out.  I quickly clipped and removed her.  I guess it will be a more traditional introduction in another day or so.  Today's weather is inclement, so I'm not going to bother them. 


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