Weathertex lids and baseboards

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Hi there. My experience with hive equipment is limited to the hive ware supplied with the Flow hive. I want to replace and add some gear and came across lids and bottom boards made of Weathertex. Is this something worth seeking over standard ply?

I can't find any here in Perth so I have to get them over east and not sure it is worth the extra shipping.

Hey mate,

You can get them from SA may be a cheaper option?

I've got two locally made MG lids with 11mm Weathertex clad in Colorbond, just tearing them down to convert them to insulated tops. Didn't find any rot etc after 5+ years.

I bought a cheap lid a few weeks ago and its got thin (4mm) cheap ply on top, don't bother with them.

I used to use solid boards and again never had any rot, I had these SHB traps installed under them:

I've been trying a few different bases lately to try and overcome the beetle invasions.

Here's a few local suppliers in WA that have a variety of decent equipment:

Cheers mate. Although I do not have the pests here I am now leaning towards open screened bottom boards. I read the article you posted in the other thread which reminded me in another one I came across:

I have this issue with condensation with just one of the hives when it rains.

I also want to build a swarm trap and I wonder whether it will work with a screened bottom board.

I was using well made but expensive ($85) screened bottom boards last summer and followed the advice to remove the trays to allow ventilation during very hot weather.

Unfortunately I found that the open screens actually provide a massive area for the SHB to enter the hive & not just get kicked out, never had that problem with solid bases with traps prior to that. I also have a theory that they allow so much hive odour to waft out that it's like a beacon for SHB.

I'm really hoping these Hiverly bases work because they're a sort of hybrid of solid and screened bases but make it much harder for the beetles to get into the hive to start with. You're lucky you don't have to deal with them yet.


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