nitril gloves for bee keeping

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Hi all i was watching a guy in new zealand who was using nitril gloves when he attended his apery rather than the usual cow/goat hide gloves .Just wondering how effective they are to reduce stings on the hands they claim they are very resistant to puncture and tearing . When i am painting or fiberglassing i use the disposable latex gloves but they have a tendency to tear so does anyone else use nitril gloves .

I have started using them, they give me better dexterity when I'm working my hive, which for me results in fewer stings.

They arent completely impervious, I have had a couple of pairs tear on me, and I have been stung through them. For me with just the one hive they seem to last fairly well.

Nitrile is tougher than latex, so they should do better than what you have for fiberglass.

I hope that helps.

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Hi thats what this guy in new zealand said they gave him better feel when handling his frames ect as when i have had ago at using the gloves i have now they seem bulky with a lack of feel for what you are doing .

I rarely use gloves but I did have a really mean hive once where I used nitrate gloves, actually two sets. They protected my hands. The bees have a hard time holding on to them so they weren?t able to sting me. I do not like using leather gloves. They just make the bees mean. You cannot feel the bees and you crush bees and then they sting the gloves and the sting pheromones irritates the bees even more.
Once you put them on, smoke them up real well.
Try them.
Jim Altmiller

Ben Framed:
Crispy, I have found that this type glove serves two main purposes. One is they do stop most bee stings along with giving a natural feel of things. The second main reason is propolis can sometime be a bother and this helps in this respect as well.  Although I have found that common rubbing alcohol can clean propolis off of my hands promptly.  I like the 9 ml black gloves sold at Harbor Freight. I am thinking they come 50 gloves to a pack and can be had on the regular sales for only nine dollars in my area here in the Southern United States.

Phillip Hall


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