Buying honey distributors

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Sorry, Omny, I was not very clear.

We wash/sterilise jars which have been returned.

The jars from Plastene are clean and need no washing.

Good to know! Thanks.

Had a beekeeper calling in to buy some gear ( jars, actually!) and she told me that she is selling 1kg of honey in glass for $ Aus 15 and gives $ 2 back for the jar and a friend of her's sells the honey for $ 18/kg with $ 2 for a return!
Maybe my $ 12 is too cheap!? :smile:

$2 a jar seems quite excessive. Does she not realise she can buy from Plastene? $18 a kilo is rather surprising but $15 isn't, I see people sell for that much and wonder as well if I'm not charging enough. On the other hand though, some people won't pay more than $10 per kilo (for the 1kg tubs anyway).

I'm finding working out the price to be rather tricky as well.

I guess the thinking is that $ 2 is worth returning the jar...and buy more. She know that the jars come from Plasdene but has probably worked out that driving down to Brisbane and pay more for small quamtities is not worth her while.
Here on the Sunshine Coast the prices varii from market to market.

I have never been attracted to the kg tubs. I don't know why but they look cheap to me.


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