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I've been attempting to sell my honey directly to consumers, going to farmers markets to do so. I spent a good 5-9 hours when I do so, and usually make a couple hundred bucks selling honey at $11-13.5 a kilo. It's a lot of time investment for only an average pay off.

I've been told recently by a local beekeeper that it's common for honey distributors to buy honey direct from beekeepers at $9 a kilo. Allegedly, there's no quantity too small, or too large when it comes to selling to them. The idea of saving all that time by simply taking a couple hundred kilos directly to a buyer, to sell all at once at $9 is very appealing and something I want to get into.

Unfortunately, I'm struggling to actually find these businesses. I was told that I can buy some magazine, costs $60 for a yearly subscription and there's a number of advertisements in there from people wishing to buy honey.

Does anyone know of any suppliers, or have any idea of how I could go about finding them? Would I need an ABN number or some sort of official honey supplier bureaucracy thingy in order to sell to such, or might these businesses do cash in hand exchanges?

Dave P:
$9.00 a kilo would be a pipe dream dream i beleave Capilano is paying $4.50 a kilo at the moment for 1st grade honey. the ABK has honey buyers from all over Aus.


--- Quote from: Dave P on January 20, 2018, 04:22:44 pm ---$9.00 a kilo would be a pipe dream dream i beleave Capilano is paying $4.50 a kilo at the moment for 1st grade honey. the ABK has honey buyers from all over Aus.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Dave... I didn't wish to be the one to tell him brokerage is a whole new ballgame
for b'keeps. Himself and most of that ilk (sideliners) are way better off doing what they do
do. Jeff@Buderim knows the drill...Om could ask him over listening to whomever it is he is.


Maybe that was a best case scenario, seems like her information might have been off.

ABK was the magazine with the buyers that she suggested. It's pretty pricey for a yearly subscription, can't seem to find second hand copies to buy eh.

Do you use the magazine yourself? I'm attending a local amateur bee club soon in about a month, I wonder if someone there will have access to a magazine that I can look through.

Well, thanks for confirming about that Bill. She told me that I could more or less easily find people wanting to pay $9 a kilo, and that I should therefore never sell honey for less than that. I mentioned that when I first started out I investigated those options, and saw these companies were only offering $4-6 a kilo so figured it wasn't worth it. She said that to sell honey at such a price is undercutting yourself. Seems like she might have unrealistic ideas, I'm a bit unsure either way.

Its a different ball game when you start selling 1.5T IBC to 500g jars.
$9/kg might be a good minimum for bulk retail sales but it is totally unrealistic for commercial wholesale where a processor and retailer are still to add on their costs and profit margins.
I cant buy lamb from the butchers or supermarket any cheaper than $20-30kg, I certainly dont expect to receive $600 when I sell a 20kg lamb in fact if I can get a third of retail prices I am doing well. Honey is no different and $4.50/kg is about a third of retail pricing.


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