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i have found a massive native bee nest, they are black like the ace of spades,, now aussies, how do i catch it??? its in a tree stump bout 2 meters above the ground and they have like billions of bees, i wanna catch them badly, i have a box ready for them aswell?? any ideas?

go look at the honeybee removal section.  you will find pictures of trapouts, removals, and lots of suggestions/instructions.

any chance that you can cut the tree down? 

you can either trap the bees out of the tree or cut the tree down.

To do a trap out you need to at least frame of eggs and a hive body and make a trap out cone. You will get the bees out of the tree and then you can let them rob out the remaining honey. Takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

Cutting the tree down is very labor intensive, usually need a little help. Cut the tree open and start cutting out the comb and placing in frames, trick is to get the queen. A bee vac is very very helpful when doing a cut out.

There are some very good postings about doing both of the above and also on make different kinds of bee vacs. Be sure to check out a posting on the tools to bring with you to do cut outs.

Good luck and we need pics, it is getting cold over here and we need a little excitement.

you WANT excitement haha, im going with the bee vac idea, im going to make my own home made vac today, and i just finished my top bar hive today, i read the bee space ideal for native bees is 6-7mm so i have designed top bars to ideally fit that, im going where no aussie has gone before, a: ill be using a top bar hive and b: ill be using native bees, this will be exciting and i willl place photos very very soon :P

Koala John:
I am hanging out to see how you go with this, should be no shortage of excitement! Read up on trap outs, there seems to be a fair bit that can go wrong, so best to be as prepared as possible.
Very best of good luck to you.


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