Does anyone do it ?

hey aussies, i know this sounds like a question for top bar hives section, but i personally am very close to starting to build my own top bar hives, does anyone in aussie even use top bar hives, if so, i would like to talk to you for some information :P cheers

       Sorry SAS I dont. Got enough to do now with 16 langstroths as it is . Especially as I have picked up 4 swarms in the last week, but dont let that stop you from telling your stories or asking the questions as so much is common to both forms.
        Good company here.
ah thats a shame, i really need ideas and a bit of advise, i think i should try and master this technique, i think it would be a good challange and a lot of fun, and besides, i can then sell my honey with pure wax for honey comb and up the prices abit more haha : P also, i have a really big cluster of bees out the front of one of my hives,, any ideas as to why they would be doing this, it wasnt really an unusually hot day, its was hot but not that hot, the rest of the hive still appears to be collecting well ?? whats the go ?

Sas_Marine, welcome to our forum.  When you have that spare moment(s) in time, why don't you go to the greetings forum and introduce yourself, we love new members and love to hear about you, you, you.  Have a most awesome and wonderful day, health.  Cindi


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