Hello all:

I just noticed the Original Coffee House Welcome Message has gone bye-bye. I think it important to lay down the ground rules and to refresh everyone on the basic rules of the forum. I'll post a link to the FORUM RULES but I'll keep it simple on the Coffee House (as well as all forum) Rules:

1) Showing your passion on Non-Beekeeping topics is fine - insulting other people's views is not!
2) Agreeing to Disagree is an honorable thing when you simply don't see "eye to eye" on topics.
3) Making a fool out of yourself does nothing except make a fool out of yourself.
4) Think twice before posting, getting posts pulled is never a good thing in any forum.
5) Respect other opinions, especially when you totally disagree, assume THEY believe in what they are stating.
6) Fighting will get you booted and banned - so be kind and passionate, but be respectful.

That wasn't so tough was it. We are family oriented. Which (as far as the Coffee House goes) I think it YOUR RSPONCIBILITY to keep the kiddies out - not ours. But that does not mean arguments are okay, it only means the subject matter may be a bit more heated than the typical kid needs to hear. But rest assured, it better be kept clean enough for our youngest members, that is a given and must be followed by all.

I have thought long and hard about making the Coffee House a Member Requested Forum - I still choose to keep it the way it is. Few kids sign-up and those who do rarely if ever have interest in here. But with an International Membership talking about issues that often are viewed very differently from various parts of the Globe, we can all still find it a good outlet for our many topics of Non-Beekeeping issues.

Enjoy the Forum - and remember, just because someone agrees with you fully on one topic has no bearing on their feelings on another issue - don't assume in other words. Again Humans are all just Belly-buttons on this Big Blue Marble we lovingly call Earth - keep your Belly-button clean and the Coffee House will be a lint-free place to play.

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