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Most of my garden was destroyed this year.  We had a very wet and cold spring, and then 100 degrees this last weekend.  Most stuff is growing too late to do anything and the spring stuff that was so far behind, bolted.

We also belong to a farm co-op.  We went to pick today.  All that was ready were some beans, peas, onions, and a few herbs.  Everything else was either really late, or ruined by the weather.

What is happening in your area?  I think a farm report would be helpful because I don't think we are getting even a fraction of the story.

Put in your dried goods!   :sad:

My year was about the same as yours though my wife's garden looks amazing right now but I will not be getting july 4 tomatoes.   Several meals of lettice and getting cucumbers and zucchini.   My wife spends hours a day watering though.
PS  The birds got all my plumbs and will probably share with the squirrels the peaches which the ones with worms are getting soft now and are already pecked on.

We've had a pretty good year so far for the garden.  We had a great harvest of peas and broccoli in the spring.  The green and other colored beans are coming in nicely so far, and the scarlet runner beans are starting to run.  We had almost no cucumbers last year, and they seem to be doing much better this year, plenty of little cucs starting to grow.  We've also had slow tomatoes, but we're having trouble with our soil in our tomato bed being too wet, so that's really just our fault.  The corn seems to be coming along good so far, and we're having a great crop of potatoes.  We aren't even close to zucchini yet though, which is also our fault because a bunch of volunteer sunflowers came up in the bed, and we foolishly let them go, and now they are shading out the zucs.  Also the okra isn't growing at all, and it didn't last year either.  My mom just replanted it in a grow bag so hopefully that situation will get better with some more sun.  It was being shaded out by the four o'clocks, so my mom is thinking perhaps that was the problem.  The lessen we've learned this year is: don't allow flowers to shade out all the vegetables, especially 10 foot tall sunflowers.  :wink:  My mom just said, "That bed was supposed to be okra and zucchini and instead it's sunflowers and four o'clocks!"  :cheesy:           

My (wife's) garden. Or part of it anyway.

My wife?s garden started slow but is going gang busters now. Just about 500 pounds so far and still producing. She has canned most of it. The pantry is full of cases of jars. Cantaloupe is starting to ripen as well as the watermelon. Lots and lots of pickles and cucumbers are still coming in.
We have a very large cord vine growing in the front yard that the chickens planted where Judy feeds them every morning.
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It is full of gourds inside.
Jim Altmiller


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