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Short article.  We need a really big push broom for this agency.  After what they have done to Trump and Trump supporters, will anyone have the stones?  Wasn't scaring people the point?  Seems so...


Section 702 has become increasingly controversial since its passage in 2008. Congress passed it only to authorize the surveillance of non-Americans outside the United States. It was promoted as an authority designed to counter terrorists. Instead, it is being used in Orwellian ways that make America a little more like Russia or China.

Through declassified Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) opinions and other government disclosures, the public has learned that Americans? personal information is also swept up by what intelligence agencies call ?incidental? collection. After our information ends up in government databases, the FBI intentionally searches it to learn more about Americans, our communications, and what we?re up to. This means the FBI can warrantlessly obtain, review and use the private communications of Americans who are not suspected of criminal activity or any wrongdoing.

Apparently you have never been on FB.  FB is routinely searched by corporate America during job interviews.
I have no fear of big brother collecting data.  When there is a crime, mass shooting for instance the information is hardly used to prevent it.  For all other lesser crimes they may have the data but for some reason can't find it to catch criminals.  Nothing is more frustrating for a small business to have video of criminal action catching them on live feed and the end result is for the person to be let free to do it again.  Doesn't make sense.

you addressed several things.  Businesses do pay for info from all kinds of places.  That's what those agreements are about that none of us read.

The government is a different thing.  The government is restricted from accessing info on US persons without a warrant.  Period.  End of story. 
The way they are getting around it is by collecting info on people not covered by the law and extending that out to 3 or 4 places in contacts.  For instance, My brother might talk to my sister in England.  NSA can collect info on that call if they want to.  They are supposed to mask the US person and only collect info on the international person.  Instead, they have collect info on the US person, the contacts of the US person, and out to the contacts of the contacts.  In a number of cases that we know of, they have unmasked the US persons without cause.

Additionally, they have collected metadata on millions of US citizens and their excuse is that because it is metadata and not the conversations, it's OK.  Metadata can be used for all kinds of things that the federal government is prohibited from doing without a warrant, and by extension, is prohibited from collecting because they do not have a warrant. 

You may be fine with the government doing that, but they are breaking the law when they do.  I suspect your ease with this depends on who is in office.

Businesses have a right to use surveillance and they have a right to expect law enforcement and the courts to uphold the law. 

In my view the only way to have a heads up on these nut cases shooting innocent people up is to have some way to ease drop from some form of law enforcement.  We have laws on what is good and bad so if you are not doing something bad I don't see a problem.  I think it is more of a problem when you know someone is doing something bad and nothing is done about it.  That hurts the innocent.  Nothing makes my blood boil more than protecting the guilty.


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