Was The Constitution Meant To Be Protected By Our Leaders, Or Changed?

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Ben Framed:
Has the oath to office made by our leaders to Protect the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic been ignored? If so can it be said these same leaders which ignore our Constitution make themselves enemies of the Constitution by not protecting it? Should not the trust placed in our leaders, to protect our Constitution be their first and foremost duty as our Representatives? Is this not the reason they make an oath to We The People, to protect Our Constitution in the first place? Would it be fair to say he who is not for The Constitution is against The Constitution? Should not any person elected, who has shown not to support Our Constitution be voted out by Americans for the good of America? If not, where does that leave America?

Both.  Anyone who takes office or joins the military or federal service takes an oath to the Constitution, not the government or the leader.  It also has a mechanism for being changed but it is intentionally difficult to do it. 

Do they mean it when they take that oath?  Some seem not to.

Hi Folks,

I don't want to start a whole THING on this Wo We Wade, but apparently, some people think years ago the SCOTUS first recognized a here-to-fore unseen obscurity in the Constitution and then a later SCOTUS said: No. That's not really in there.

Anyway, this is a totally slanted read. Please read to the end, beyond the click-bait.


The problem with rage is that it is exhausting.  :grin:

People have already made up their minds on abortion.  This might make some difference on the margins, but probably not enough to matter. The argument might also drive some Hispanics especially farther into the Republican camp.   Hard to find lunitics screaming, swearing, and dumping red dye on themselves attractive messengers. 

Michael Bush:
Our founding fathers expected some things to need to be clarified which many of the amendments have done such as the 25th which clarified the succession in case of the loss of a president etc.  I'm sure they never expected someone to want to repeal any of the "Bill of Rights".  But they might have thought we might want to add some.  Certainly they designed the system to change the Constitution.  After all, this nation was the "great experiment" to see if Government could be kept in check.


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