Monsanto vs. Government

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Remember Reagan said the  ten scariest words:
I'm from the government,and I'm here to help you.

Anything done for your own good,probably isn't.


--- Quote from: showme714 on February 27, 2011, 12:29:49 am ---
--- Quote from: Humanbeeing on January 28, 2011, 05:45:11 am ---So Monsanto is working hand in hand with the government to protect their market share. Nothing new about that. The head of the Dept of Ag is a Monsanto executive. No one will use Roundup one. They will pass a new law. How many Goldman Sachs executives are  working our government right now. I've lost track. Need another bail out? Pass a law. Welcome to the Corpocracy. Intercangable with Fascism. Corporations make the laws.
Remember what Bush told you. Get out there and Buy, Buy, Buy, if you want to save the economy. If you want to keep your government, the Corporation, swimming in money.

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Your observation is dead on. The newest schemes is of course the passing of Senate Bill S510 The Food Safety Bill and it being signed into law on the back of some bill to help the veterans I believe. This new law says it is now illegal to grow your own food and consume it. (I'd like to see the government enforce this) It was originally rejected after being signed by the president on some technicality about it creating a new tax which proves two things: (1) The senators did not write the bill and (2) they also didn't read it. Monsanto and ConAgra has Washington bought and paid for. This falls in line with National Security Study Memorandum 200 by Henry Kissinger in 1974. It basically said that food would be used as a weapon (control mechanism) against the people in the future.

The other scheme is that now Whole Foods is on board with GMO alfalfa believe it or not. The powers that be finally got to them. Now the gateway will be open for everything GMO to flow from these criminals. Our health is being deliberately put in danger and that means the bees too.

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YEP! You got it. To bad every one can't.

you got it bee nuts. Its all over....America is no longer a free nation. Sad thing is we surrendered without a fight. We just gave away our freedom without even thinking about it.  :-\ And whats really crazy is you are considered a loon or a conspiracy theorist if you try to tell anyone this.


--- Quote from: marliah on June 22, 2011, 12:35:55 pm --- And whats really crazy is you are considered a loon or a conspiracy theorist if you try to tell anyone this.

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What is worse is that when you try to explain how we got here and who is responsible
you will be hated on as if you were Satan himself.

Good thing is that when Monsanto kills all the bees and we suffer from food shortages they will
just genetically engineer up some new foods to kill us!
All Hail Monsanto!

and we'll all be happy when someone can make a statement followed by proof and not emotion. 

btw...even if every honeybee in the us died, we would not starve.  we might eat a little differently, but there are tons of pollinators out there and they would do a fine job....which might lead one to ask:  if there are tons of pollinators out there, why are we obsessing on the honeybee?  and is it really dying, and if it is, is this a new thing or has it happened before....clue there.....

"i hate monsanto" is getting as old as "we are all going to DIE from global warming!!"


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