Monsanto vs. Government

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--- Quote from: bee-nuts on February 27, 2011, 01:16:52 am ---Folks, everything out forefathers fought, bleed, and died for is over.  If they can take away your choice of wearing or not wearing a seat belt, that you cant allow people to smoke in YOUR BAR, what cant they tell you to do or not do.  Its over, we already surrendered.

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So true!!


--- Quote from: kathyp on June 08, 2014, 10:52:18 pm ---and we'll all be happy when someone can make a statement followed by proof and not emotion. 

btw...even if every honeybee in the us died, we would not starve.  we might eat a little differently, but there are tons of pollinators out there and they would do a fine job....which might lead one to ask:  if there are tons of pollinators out there, why are we obsessing on the honeybee?  and is it really dying, and if it is, is this a new thing or has it happened before....clue there.....

"i hate monsanto" is getting as old as "we are all going to DIE from global warming!!"

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given that the honeybee is one of the toughest, flexible, adaptable insects going, if you manage to kill them all, the rest of the pollinators would have gone as well, not to mention all of the ecosystem.
to get the all the bees to die it would also mean the death of every insect eating bird and mammal, and the predators of those.
It would probably also mean the death of the soils as well.

Would you want to live on a killed planet?


--- Quote ---Would you want to live on a killed planet?
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what is your point?

When politicians have to spend most of their time fundraising then corruption goes from possible to envitable. Even the most high minded and altruistic person will have to bow obligations made overtly, implied or just felt.  Where does the money go in the end to the media...


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