Monsanto vs. Government

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Washington is all about money!
Monsanto has the money.
The USDA doesn't test anything, it lets the companies like Monsanto test their products then give the reports to the USDA.
Kinda like putting a fox in a chicken coop to guard the chickens.

Like I been a sayen America has got to start talken

Richard M:

--- Quote from: kathyp on June 08, 2014, 10:52:18 pm ---and we'll all be happy when someone can make a statement followed by proof and not emotion. 

btw...even if every honeybee in the us died, we would not starve.  we might eat a little differently, but there are tons of pollinators out there and they would do a fine job....which might lead one to ask:  if there are tons of pollinators out there, why are we obsessing on the honeybee?  and is it really dying, and if it is, is this a new thing or has it happened before....clue there.....

"i hate monsanto" is getting as old as "we are all going to DIE from global warming!!"

--- End quote ---

Hmmm. Must admit that I tend towards cynicism when people start screaming conspiracy.

Neonics are the best thing to happen to bees since insecticides were invented,and GMO corn, beans etc does in NO WAY harm your health..  Fearmongering has way too many people by the short hairs...

   I live in the heart of Neonic and GMO country..   My bees are doing fine among the corn and beans..  Sorry, I cant get on board the screaming bandwagon..  I havent walked out to find a dead hive since neonics began regular useage..  I no longer fear the planes flying over the neighbors field.. I know its not DDT etc..   I keep my comb rotated, and the bees keep on living..  imagine that!!

While I agree that there is plenty of corruption in the Gov't, and probably far too much undue influence by any corporation able to buy the support, I can't agree with the idea that GMO is so horrible.  Essentially, we as humans, have been genetically modifying both plants and animals for as long as we have domesticated and bred many various species for many various uses, not least of which is for food.

While his genes may not have been spliced in a lab, your average ordinary beef steer (that is free range, grass fed, non-hormone injected, and not treated with antibiotics for disease) has been genetically modified through breeding programs for generations untraceable - literally for millennia.  And because of this, he grows bigger, faster, and with more meat to provide.  Your Japanese Kobe beef is an excellent example of how the breeding programs can create such a wonderfully sought after delicacy!

This has not produced any harm to our society or world, in fact what it does is create the ability to produce even greater quantities of food, often cheaper and with less resources than are otherwise possible.  These technologies, both old and modern, have allowed countless thriving cultures and have gone a long way to alleviating hunger across the globe.

In fact, it is so incredibly likely that your very own bees have been genetically modified in some way!  Honeybees have been crossbred and selectively bred, and hence genetically modified, for eons beyond memory.  And, shockingly, the honey is still good and wholesome and you haven't died from it yet!


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