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On a chicken forum I'm a member of there's this daily thread called "Coffee's Ready".

Thought I'd mention it here.

On a daily basis you drop in if you have time (mostly in the am ) just to say hello and report what you have planned for the day or what you did recently, kinda something to get your day going and keep others abreast of what's going on in your life.

And since there are a lot of coffee drinkers out there, the posts usually begin with something like this" drinking my first cup of Joe, looking out the window at ice cycles, its -20F out, ain't even thinkin' of steppin' outside today... something like that as an example.

So, anyway, here you go...

Its 4:23 am, just took the garbage out and put it curb side as I didn't do it last night. My mental alarm clock woke me at 4 saying you better put the garbage out.

Let the dogs out for a squirt.

Its 42F but feels warmer, nice out, chill in the air, bees likely won't be flying for a while until well after daylight. I suspect they'll have a short flight window today as the anticipated high is 58F.

Extracted the last of this years honey yesterday, about twelve gallons worth, have two full 5 gallon buckets and more in the extractor, started bottling but have a ways to go and Christmas orders that need to be filled.

Going hunting this weekend with a good friend up in north Louisiana where Teddy Roosevelt once hunted black bear, still have black bear there today.

Think I'll put a pot on in a little bit, my wife loves a nice cup of french roast in the morning to start her day. She's in la la land in the next room.

Gonna surf a little bit first.

Hope y'all stop in and tell us what you're up to, maybe we can make this a regular thing, if y'all want to.

Have a great day!


I'm up and dressed, went and plugged the truck in so it will be easier to start. Very cool here at 33 with just a trace of snow in the air.

Not a coffee drinker but did have me a cup of hot cocoa and a warm bowl of oatmeal with some good wildflower honey in it.

Off to work in a few to pull on pipe wrenches all day long at HAVCO Wood Products, one of my better customers. They make the wood floors that go into the trailers of 18 wheelers.

Looking to get the wife a car this weekend since hers was totaled out a week and a half ago.

You're kidding. Right?

jp, that was sweet.

5 AM.  lit off the stove.  not so cold today at 44.  going to chug the first cup of coffee, find the flashlight and go feed the critters, get hubby out the door, and then spend some time at the gym  :-D

Up at 6. Changing shocks @ 6:15-7:30. Installed top ring on re-built extractor. Hopefully put first Camcote on wheel today. Getting close to finishing it up. Now off to work.


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