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I have to move my hives ( 25 of them) into a new yard . New owners, long story.
The new yard is about 300m away from the present spot.

I know I should move the bees a few km away for a few days and then back to the new location - but it is a lot of work.

I have moved bees a few hundred metres in the past quite successfully.

I only opened the entrance part way and made sure that a very visible new marker was in front of the hives.

Any other ideas which are not too much work?
Most the hives are only one brood box with a 1/2 super but some are 3 supers high....and I'm not a spring chicken anymore.

Ben Framed:

--- Quote ---I have moved bees a few hundred metres in the past quite successfully.
--- End quote ---

Max check out the Topic: Hive Lifts


Hi Max.

If you can borrow 3 box trailers for a couple of weeks, load 8 hives on each trailer and haul the trailers to a temporary site. Leave the hives on the trailers with entrances facing out. After a couple of weeks the hives can then be moved to the new location. This method only involves loading and unloading once but it does require a few car trips unless you can get people to help.

We have thinking like this here.
I maybe able to borrow and ute from a neighbour and leave the car and trailer parked for a while at a yar not far from home. He has asecond car and maybe able to do without his ute.
Definitely less lifting

We moved the last load of bees to the new apiary last night - in pouring rain.
We could not get very close and had to carry the hives a fair distance.
All done now and I'm glad.


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