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Back when I was gainfully employed and around town quite a bit, no stack of wood from a remodel, repair or whatever was passed up without an inspection at least.

Fired up the table saw and cut to length enough wood to make 3 boxes so far. Need to pull some staples from the rest of the wood but there is enough for one more box and maybe a nuc. I told my neighbor that I'll take whatever wood he has and can trade it for honey if he wants any. Need to clean off and perform an archaeological dig on the work bench then set up some gluing jigs and dig out the big cabinet clamps, nothing like free wood and a reason to straighten out the shop ;).  I'm always surprised at how much lumber goes into something as simple as a deep box.
   rast, my best trash pick was a big cabinet pattern's maker vice made by Emmert that was out in the trash. Had to add a 3 foot extension to the work bench to make it fit. Dumpster diving around job sites was my thing till it became illegal.

As long as the box wood is free I wouldn't worry about finger joints.  My pine boxes showed signs of rot when I brought them down here.  Free isn't free in the long run but it is still a heck of a deal.

Finished  cutting to length all the lumber and started gluing the stuff together with Tightbond 3. Had just enough wood for five deep boxes and the corner joints look like they will work out fine. Need to drill some nail holes and cut the lip for the frames still but it's going quickly. I'm picking at the job spending only an hour or two a day in the shop but it's still moving along. Making them out of free wood beats buying them.


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