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three wins in the Chase, Tony is making a serious run for it - I believe under the old rules, he would have locked it in already. Not sure if I care for the new rules than I care for the tandem super speedway racing. After really hoping the restrictor plate increase MIGHT change the new racing style on SSWs, I really lost the love for Taledaga and Datona. 15 deep and 3 wide is what super speedways are about, not this pansy lets run three laps and switch crap. I know there is ALL new thinking needed to race this new way, but still I hate it.

RAIL.... you are so right, gone are the days of racing when type of car meant something. These cars, paint them all the same color and you would have no idea who was who. When 43 cars ALL qualify within .33 seconds of each other, you tell me ONE THING - being a good driver means nothing, you are a slave to the car and EVERY win is won on pit road not on the track. Just look in the stands and you see two things, our poor economy and fans who can't bother going to the track cause frankly they have lost interest. I never thought I would see the day that Bristol races would have 40% empty stands, they were sold out for years and years, people left tickets to their family in their wills.

I still blame the fact that all but about 4 races are aired on ESPN or TNT (?) and only ONE chase race is on ABC - When racing isn't good enough to grab TV TIME of FOX and ABC, what is the fan to think. I'm sure there is a huge Nascar following who can't even get the cable/satellite stations, so there goes their sponsorship money along with the fan base.

Kennseth is hoping for Flushking (or whatever that toilet sponsor is) to come aboard - that is a GREAT metaphore for Nascars future cause Crown Royal left him. Harvick failed as an owner/driver and more merges are coming. Soon it will be like WWE Wrestling, one owner pulling the strings under the guise of different makes of cars.

I stand by my belief that no one can get killed in a Nascar any more - for that, thank God. With incredible car impact displacive design and softer barriers, racers are walking from the most horrific looking crashes, which is wonderful. We all love a great crash and then we cheer that everyone walks away with just the wind knocked out of them. But TAXI CAB, cookie cutter designs are another factor killing Nascar.

Go Kenseth, been a big fan since he rookeed and I always liked the kind of racer Roushe looked for. Kennseth might be the least likely R/F racing, he's pretty quiet, but he proves that he is a very consistant driver. And Brian Vickers better watch himself, cause Matt's coming back hard after his bumper!

kyle bush parked for the rest of weekend in texas.wrecked ron in the truck race under caution .ron was in the running for the championship till this dummy took him out

Four wins for Smoke, John. He just won Texas.


next week will be his 5th win and taking over first place. go smoke

Man! I can't wait for this weekend at Homestead! Whichever way it goes, a true champion and nice guy will win. This championship race couldn't be any closer!
Go Carl and Go Smoke!   :cheer:


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