Spring Turkey 2021

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Anyone else been out chasing spring thunder in past few weeks? Unfortunately this year Virginias down trending number of birds has started to become evident in the handful of areas where I hunt (all large tracts of public land). Turkeys are there, doing turkey things, but they are fewer and further in between. I've kept hunting data for years and last year saw a boost in the areas I frequent. Followed by a decline this year. Season ends this Saturday here so I'll have a couple chances to get out there with the boys and see if we can connect. After that it will be fishing and beekeeping for the summer (and continuing my never ending construction at the house)
If you are getting out in the Turkey woods, good luck!
Here is my sons first bird 2019 taken on National Forest when he was 7 years old
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That is so cool!!! Congrats on your son's first bird!! ... a very precious moment.

I remember my son's first Turkey, and his first deer, and in 2019 his first Elk. Today my son is my "hunting buddy". I enjoy it so much. We haven't connected this year on Toms. Like you, our season ends this weekend. That's the way it goes.  :grin:

Here's his 1st Elk
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Good luck to you - I hope you get one before Saturday!

That's awesome!  My family doesn't hunt, but it's something we've started to think about recently.  My father used to hunt when he was young, but life got in the way and he hasn't hunted in years now.  The more I see you guys talking about it, the more it seems like a great thing to do.  My parents used to be big fishermen (uh, fisherman and fisherwoman?) before I was born, and now that all us kids are old enough to be unsupervised in a river, they've gotten us fishing regularly and we're really enjoying it.     

Ben Framed:
I'm with Member, I like this topic as well. Austin your little mans' bird was almost as big as he and his smile, at the time. He looks to be one happy little hunter!🙂 (Of course he is a big boy now, 9 years old!)
I have those memories hunting with my Daddy Alan, as well as other family members. Cherished times. The pictures in both post are inviting. In your picture Alan I can almost feel the cold crisp air traveling through my lungs as taking in the beauty of the backdrop of mountain majesty. And Austins picture of the back scenery is beautiful country also. America the Beautiful!!

Adding: Elk hunting is something I have always wanted to do but haven't yet.

Good topic AustinB.

15th - I like to know where my meat comes from. ... As I'm sure you already know - commercial beef is fed genetically modified foods, shoved full of growth hormones, and antibiotics, and vaccinations, etc. ... I do all my own processing. Just finished 60 lbs of sausage tonight. Going in the smoker tomorrow afternoon. I love hunting - the "killing" part, not so much. But it's just enjoyable to eat meat that you've harvested. To me anyways. Also - I started smoking fish a few yrs ago. Salmon at first. Then one day - I decided to add some other fish into the brine. Albacore Tuna & Rainbow trout. After brining & smoking, they were Amazing! It was shocking how good they were. If you catch fish - keep that in mind. Cheers!   :grin:

Ben - it was cold that day. I'll tell the story someday. But it was awesome. Elk are a whole different "animal" (pun intended) to hunt. It's rough - but worth it imho ... even if you never see an Elk, the country you get to see ... well, it stays with you all your days.


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