The Gaurdian beetle entrance side issue


Bob Wilson:
I have a Gaurdian beetle entrance on one of my hives. It seems to be working well at keeping out beetles, but there is an unintended side problem. The holes in the landing entrance that are meant to confuse the beetles also confuse the bees sometimes. The bees go under the landing pad and come up through one of the holes to the entrance slot.... which scrapes their pollen load off their legs.
I could not understand why I was finding pollen pellets on the ground under the hive entrance. I thought there was a hygiene problem going on, but it is the beetle entrance acting like a pollen trap and knocking off their loads before they enter.
Not all of them. Just some.

Unless it is knocking all of the pollen coming in, I would not worry about it, especially it is only a few pollen pieces. My bees loose a lot of pollen just walking across my screen bottom boards.
Jim Altmiller

Bob Wilson:
Thanks, Jim. Most of the bees go straight in. I got my first taste of pollen as a result of this. Slightly sweet.


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