Processing large quantities of beeswax


I have about a dozen buckets worth full of unprocessed beeswax. My plan was to process it all via a solar wax melter, but I've found that, with the amount of beeswax I have, it'll simply take too many years to process it all this way.

I had some wax moth in some of these buckets awhile back, so I melted down all that wax, and sieved it into a bucket using an old t-shirt. I took a photo of one of these buckets it's the first photo:

The wax is now stuck to the sides and I'm not sure how to actually get the wax out of the bucket. Note that it's also got mold growing on it. I have three buckets like this. The rest of the buckets are the leftovers from when I used to do crush and strain.

Can any of you suggest the best way for me to go about processing all of this wax? I'd like to turn it all into uniform size blocks, maybe 0.5 or 1 KG rectangles. I figure I'll have to buy some things for doing this as I've had the misfortune of discovering everything I use to process wax becomes ruined.

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