Anyone turning pens?


will talking with the doc and rehab tech and they said to try my hand at making pens. my brother makes them and sells them for 45-500.00 each. they said it would help with the dexterity of my fingures. will I bought a small lathe for 60 dollars new and ordered some pen kits. going to have the nieghbors help build a little 10x10 building next to the house so I can turn the pens. should be fun. now another hobby to add to the rest. may have to do it to earn extra income if I lose my job due to the accident. time will tell.

I will post photos of them when i start making them.


All I can say is I know a guy that was into it pretty big.  I don't know him well and have only been to his house one time in my life.  He owns a lake and 40 acres that corners my land but he lives in the city.  He had one heck of a collection of turned pens and his basement was chalk full of old old out board motors fixed up like show room peices.

You are in trouble now !
Turning can be addictive as beekeeping (ask me how I know. . .).

Pens are an easy start 
Got any Grandkids that are Harry Potter fans? A branch gets spun into a wand in no time.
Check out the Eddie Castelin videos on YouTube. He does a great job of covering the basics - and a lot more .
Oh,  and all those shavings on the floor from your turnings? They burn great in your smoker.  :tongue:

i know what you mean. RJ in indiana is helping me. he has a lot of videos on YT. I just sent him a box of burl i had. and the shavings. I have 5 50 gal bags of cedar shavings in the shed from all the cedar I cut with my sawmill and plained to line the wifes walkin closet.


When my father retired from the military he opened a custom cabinet/furniture business.  He enjoyed nothing more than working with the lathe.  Good luck!


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