The LOST ROOM - did you catch this?


Hi Gang:

I really liked this short 3 night mini-series that OBVIOUSLY was was setting us up for a possible full series. The Lost Room involved a police detective who received a KEY to a motel room #10 - a room that doesn't exist except in a bizarre alternate reality that many people are aware of.

In the story, his daughter is kidnapped and runs into a room and disappears, the father named Joe starts to find out that all "objects" that were in room #9 of this Gallup, New Mexico motel were affected with magical powers; a pen that could microwave someone if stabbed with it, eyeglasses that make you invincible, a glass eye that could turn enemies to dust and heal the wearer from the most deadly of wounds, a bus ticket that would drop you from the sky on to a road near the motel.

The prized object (and there are dozens both found and missing) is the room key held by Joe the main star (peter Krausa who was Nat in Six Feet Under) and having it was the reason his daughter was kidnapped and possessing it was his only way to find her.

Along the way he met people with their own reasons to possess the key - often to save their own family who is also is dire straights.

The series (3 two hour shows) was not edited well, you could spot lots of cutting errors, continuity issues, etc., but the story was interesting and fresh - the stuff some objects do were really interesting.

The end surely told us that the door is open for a full series - I think we'll know soon after they weigh the ratings if this will lead into a full series, I think it will be interesting - they had a lot of OBJECTS from the motel room they did not cover yet and several characters that they left hanging with end to their storyline. We'll see :)

oh man.....i taped the first and forgot about the other two.  between the weather and the intermittent power, i sometimes am afraid to even turn on the computer.   :(

hope they run it again.....


I hope you get to catch it again, I'm sure they will rerun it ESPECIALLY if they do make a season of it.

There were three cliff-hangers that I thought strange until I realized they were setting it up for a series. It follows in the tradition of all the new shows like The 4400, Heroes and others where New charactors or new Items (in this case) can be featured each week, giving them lots of flexibility to write shows. This new trend in series making does keep the writing fresh.

Older series like ER, Law and Order have always followed a given staff of charactors and the new people come and go week to week - now the STARS tend to be those who are spot-lighted in a single show, not the reoccuring actors that reside in a series.

It is obvious that TV is shifting their content from cop dramas like CSI, Close to Home, and other who-done-its, to the more paranormal like Ghost-Watchers, Medium, The 4400, Uerika, Heroes, Jericho, etc. Even comedy shows like Psych are hits. Likely the best show of them all is The Dead-Zone, it truly sticks to its beliefs and has strong messages and great story-lines.

I think this isn't necessarilly a TV thing, but a thought change in people. I'll continue this thought (because it is lengthy and sort of WAY off topic) in the DARKSIDE called MAN'S EVOLUTION - hope you read it Kathy :)

I liked it. I don't expect much out of scf fi channels low budget specials. So this went along those lines.

I like all the groups that grew up out of the mysticism of room #10.
I wonder if Joe became the new prime object. I like shows that have unanswered questions like that. And what were some of the powers of the other objects.



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