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What is your impression of Made in China?


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I don't think "Made in China" in particular is a bad thing.  I am old enough to remember when people got upset when everything said "Made in Japan".  The fact that the US imports so much and has become so dependent on importing so much is our own fault.

I think the thing that bothers so many of us is that "Made in China" = supporting an aggressive and deadly dictatorship.  It also means we really are dependent on China for a lot of our stuff...more so than most people realized and being dependent on others, whoever they are, is not a good thing.

I feel similarly to Kathy.  I purchase a lot of things that are made in China, and I don't think twice about it.  But if it's a significant purchase, say more than $100, and I have the option to purchase something domestically made, even if I have to spend a little more, I'll usually pick the one made in the USA, because I prefer to patronize my own country's manufacturers, and I usually find the product to be of higher quality and/or have better customer service. 


--- Quote from: JacksonWong on January 19, 2022, 04:00:56 am ---What is your impression of Made in China?

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Lower initial cost.  Ignorance or what the actual costs are to the country.

Hi Folks, JW,

Last summer I mentored a newbee, Asian/American by the way. His mother never let me leave without some food, dumplings, soup mmmmmmm.

He originally bought new USA equipment, then he bought new equipment from China. All sources had slight differences in measurement. the China woodenware had the best fit and finish (he got them all assembled), but thinner wood stock. I feel it will not last as long as the USA milled woodenware. New England has harsh winters.

My wife and I bought a living room chandelier made in China, not inexpensive, very intricate and detailed. Excellent! We could not have obtained something like this manufactured anywhere else for near the quality unless custom created.

That being said, I wish my country could provide much more for us than they do. I also am concerned about working conditions and worker general well-being in your country. I worry about your standards of living. I worry about your freedoms. Yeah! I got something nice,... but who made it and how do they live? I am concerned and upset about those Human Plastinated Cadavers, and who, outside of the medical field, goes to see them.

Anywayyyy... Welcome to the forums,



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