Something else to consider-becoming the crazy prepper

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I debated putting this under an existing heading, but I think it might deserve its own space.

One of many articles.  Between drought, fires, locust infestation and floods...not to mention the pandemic, things are getting a little scary.  We are used to an excess of goods.  We should probably be planning for a scarcity of goods. 

Being a prepper had gotten a bad rep, but there are things that people can and should do to prepare for shortages (or storms).  People don't know how to grow stuff, or kill and prepare things.  They don't think about power being off for days or water not coming from the tap.

What prepper things are you doing? 

IF I told ya, Everyone would know what I've got :smile:


--- Quote ---IF I told ya, Everyone would know what I've got
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LOL.  We could just describe methods and thoughts rather than specific stashes  :cheesy:


--- Quote from: ifixoldhouses on August 30, 2021, 03:31:14 pm ---IF I told ya, Everyone would know what I've got :smile:

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My thoughts exactly.  :wink:  My family has been working toward becoming as self-sufficient as possible for some time.  We are nowhere near there yet, but we make a little bit of progress every year.  We have recently started sampling some meals from those long-term food storage places to see whether we'd like to purchase any.  Some of the stuff we have tried is pretty good, and some of it has been very bad. 

I sorta prep but for a different type of fear then thinking things are going to go bad.  I do it to keep me from having to go back to the store any sooner then absolutely needed.  If I can match store prices closely, I will buy things I use every day in six months quantities shipped to me.  Like coffee and tobacco and such.  For only two people living in one house, I have an ungodly amount of refrigerators and freezers going.  Not the same as canned and dried but I do have enough solar to keep most of them going if that is all I tried to do with it.  I would get by for a while but think my chickens would struggle cause those suckers can eat.


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