Mesh Size-Screened Bottom Boards

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I found that when looking for 1/8 hardwear cloth in my area no one had it but when I asked about ordering some just about every place carries it but keep it in a back room or in the basement storage area since it isn't called for often it don't take up shelf space on the selling floor.
Ask for it and they might just have it in stock after all.
 :D Al

Thanks for that Al,
  Maybe I'll check around a bit more.  Our local hardware store could order it, but only 24"x100' for $75!!  I'd have to go into business at that price!!

Two local large beekeeping operations here in Georgia just went to 1/4 inch mesh and they seem to like it.

I just bought two bottoms with the 1/8. I plan to test it against the 1/4, which I keep on hand for chickens anyway.

I installed one of two, on the bottom boards last week.  I used a scrap sheet of galv. steel for the mite catch.  I coated it with crisco...maybe too thick....I was getting about 6 bees a day hung up on the tray.  Im not really sure what a mite looks like, other than magnified pictures.  I dont believe I saw any, but cant be sure until my wife gets a free magnifying glass from her grandmothers surplus collection.  I was just reading to only use the board for counts, where before, I thought to leave it in all the time!  So I just took the catch board out yesterday.  Do the mites just fall through and die before they can get back up to the bees, or should I just not use as much grease, and leave the catch board in???  Thanks, Jeremy


Either in or out will work for removing mites.  But with it out, you get the added ventilation.

When it is out, the mites just fall to the ground and the ants get them (One good thing about ants in the apiary).  

I do find that when you leave it in, it gives a space for wax moths to lay eggs in a space that the bees can't access to clear them out.  The wax/pollen that falls through the mesh makes it quite the nice place for wax moths.


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