Washing a bee suit

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How often do you wash your bee suit and why do you wash it. I have not washed mine yet but that is because I have only worn it 4 times less than an hour total and have yet to sweat in it but summer is coming

I?m a newbie like you but have learned a few things? I?ve been wearing the disposable painter?s coveralls from Lowes, they were too hot even in April. After a month or so they sort of disintegrate anyway.

As of last week I no longer wear a veil, can?t see through the darned thing. I smoke my face and hands really well. No problems on my "problem" hive from aggression. I?m sure there will be occasions when I?m dealing with angry bees and the ability to see an egg isn?t important, on goes the veil!

I read some old posts that I thought contained really good ideas? Thick, white, cotton dress shirts from the Salvation Army store, and similar, lots of good ideas, think outside the box.

Bees release pheromones when they perceive a threat and sting that alerts other bees? how long that stays active on clothing? I?ve found no answer to that question. I wouldn?t want to open hives soaked in these pheromones, continually triggering attacks from my clothing. From my limited experience I'd say the pheromones are short lived.

My second concern is BO! I?m switching to cotton shirts as soon as I get to the SA store in town? Toss them in the laundry, I use scent free detergent anyway.

Like you I?d like to hear from the old timers?  :smile:

I wash mine when it gets to dirty to be seen in. Or when it gets to much attention from the bees.

Speaking of pheromones,,,,,, Helping down south a few years ago, when we showed up at the bee yard in the morning, things would be pretty calm. We could walk around, drink a little coffee and talk a bit. But as soon as them bee suits came out from the previous days work, all those stings the suits took the day before would certainly change the mood of the bees in the area. You best put the suit on when it is that condition.

If I wear a suit the next day or the next week after an area was hit they will hit the same spot the next time if it is not been washed in between times. - even if the area was smoked.

Michael Bush:
I wash mine once a year whether it needs it or not...


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